26OCT – Director of Operations, Askari Defense & Intelligence LLC - Deadline: N/A


Organization Description

Askari has one of the most expert, hands-on national security teams in existence today including former Assistant Secretaries of Defense and Homeland Security, business executives, White House officials and recently retired general officers.  Our team has decades of hands-on experience – at the highest levels of government and on the ground – in complex foreign negotiations, business development, defense, intelligence, and homeland security.  Our leadership and personnel have gone around the world to provide innovative solutions to our clients’ domestic and international challenges. We deliver results.

Location- Arlington/Alexandria, VA

Job Description

Askari Defense & Intelligence LLC is a small business that has the potential for rapid growth.  Given the anticipated growth of the company, the prospective employee will have the opportunity to take on greater responsibility and learn new skills.  Daily duties focus on the identification/selection/creation and publication of an Arabic-English digest, requiring excellent writing skills and attention to detail.  Good organization skills are required to maintain business aspects of the activity, as are time-management and initiative.

Job Responsibilities

  • Director will handle customer relations. 
  • Flexibility is needed as employee may be required to work odd hours for the client as in any small business.  Importantly, the work schedule for this position is 40 hours a week, with normal, 8-hour days Monday-Thursday and several hours on Saturday and Sunday for Middle Eastern client. Fridays are free. 
  • Schedule is flexible as long as client needs are met.  Other duties include organizing experts for reports/presentations to clients, editing the reports, and conducting business development in Washington D.C. under the guidance of our CEO. 
  • Candidates must be able to handle a dynamic work place, and basic business activities, including contract management and basic budget compliance. 

Job Requirements

  • Bachelor’s degree
  • Arabic proficiency (reading, speaking, and some writing)
  • Excellent verbal and written English
  • Strong writing and editing skills
  • In depth knowledge of current politics and issues in the Middle East
  • At least 2 years business experience, with one being in the Middle East or heavily focused on the Middle East
  • Honest, reliable, efficient, flexible, ambitious, focused, and amiable. Must be results oriented and complete tasks with minimal supervision
  • Basic organizational skills and basic business skills (how to manage budget, pay bills)
  • Must commit to one year in the position
  • Position requires some weekend work that is offset by time off during the week for a total of 40 hours per week
  • Right to work in the U.S. (such as work visa or citizenship)

How to Apply- Applicants should submit a professional resume, cover letter, and writing sample of no more than three pages to alison.saab@metisolutions.com

Deadline- N/A