26JUN – Senior Policy Analyst, Security & Foreign Affairs, US-China Economic and Security Review Commission – Deadline: 17JUL

Job Description

The Commission’s mission is to monitor,  investigate,  and  make  recommendations  to  Congress  about matters of concern in the relationship between the United States and the People’s Republic of China in the following  areas:

1)  Weapons  proliferation  practices, 

2) Economics, 

3) Energy and natural  resources, 

4) Investment and capital markets, 

5) China’s military,

6) China’s cyber capabilities,

7) China’s fiscal and monetary  policy,

8) China’s foreign policy, 9) China’s compliance with the World Trade Organization,

10) Freedom of speech and information in China, and 11) food, drug, and other product safety in China.

Location – Washington DC

Job Responsibilities

1. Monitor, investigate, and assess developments regarding China’s military capabilities, modernization, strategy, doctrine, operations, exercises, and policies.

2. Prepare memos and reports, often for public dissemination, on the issues noted in paragraph 1.

3. Draft assigned portions of the Commission’s Annual Report to Congress.

4. In conjunction with the Supervisory Senior Analyst,  ensure analytic production by the Security and Foreign Affairs

Section satisfies the requirements of Commissioners; is fully coordinated both within and outside the Commission; reflects the Commission’s positions; is relevant to congressional policy making; is accurate, well-organized, and cogent; and meets professional and tradecraft standards.

5. Provide substantive and administrative support during the development of, preparation for, and execution of Commission events, including hearings, briefings, roundtables, and conferences.

6. Draft communications for Commissioners, both orally and in writing, to a wide variety of audiences and represent the staff at conferences and with universities and private sector groups.

7. Prepare Commissioners for testimony before Congress and draft testimony or other presentations to the Congress for use by Commissioners. Provide official responses to Congressional inquiries and legislated reporting requirements.

8. Mentor and guide junior personnel in developing their research, analytic tradecraft, writing, and briefing skills. Provide tailored coaching to improve their performance and analytic skills.

9. Develop and sustain a professional network with China analysts in the U.S. government, private sector, and academia.

10. Perform other duties as assigned by the Supervisory Senior Analyst, Executive Director, and Commissioners.

Job Requirements

1. Proven ability to present information clearly and concisely through memos, reports, briefings, consultations, and other presentations.

2. Advanced research, analytical, and evaluative skills, including the ability to synthesize and analyze large amounts of disparate data on emerging and/or controversial issues.

3. Recognized expert on China’s military capabilities, modernization, strategy, doctrine, operations, exercises, and policies. Extensive record of publication on these issues, either at the unclassified or classified level.

4. At least five years of professional experience reporting on and analyzing China’s military, preferably in the Intelligence Community, in the Department of Defense, or at a federally-funded research center.

5. Experience participating in multidisciplinary collaborative research studies or projects on China’s


6. U.S. Citizenship and the ability to obtain and hold a Federal security clearance at the Top Secret//SCI -level. When applying, include: (1) date of citizenship if naturalized; and (2) if you have or have ever had a Federal security clearance identify the level and dates held.

How to Apply

You must submit a complete application package via email to Opportunities@uscc.gov.


Deadline – July 17, 2015