21SEP - Fellowship, Middlebury Institute of International Studies - Deadline: 30SEP

Organization Description

Established in 2011, the Frontier Market Scouts program has trained over 300 professionals and students from 20 countries worldwide. FMS fellows have helped to scale over 100 social enterprises around the world during field assignments based in Amsterdam, Brazil, India, Ecuador, Vietnam, South Africa, and Lebanon. Training faculty come from renowned social enterprise organizations such as Village Capital, Shell Foundation, Invested Development and more. After having received a 2013 Cordes Innovation Award from AshokaU and the 2015 AshokaU Cordes Hall of Fame Award, FMS has now become the flagship program of the newly launched Center for Social Impact Learning at the Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey. 

The Middlebury Institute of International Studies at Monterey provides international professional education in areas of critical importance to a rapidly changing global community, including international policy and management, translation and interpretation, language teaching, sustainable development, and non-proliferation. We prepare students from all over the world to make a meaningful impact in their chosen fields through degree programs characterized by immersive and collaborative learning, and opportunities to acquire and apply practical professional skills. Our students are emerging leaders capable of bridging cultural, organizational, and language divides to produce sustainable, equitable solutions to a variety of global challenges.

Location – Monterey, California

Job Description

Each course in the Frontier Market Scouts training curriculum is designed to provide participants with the practical skills and tools required to work effectively in the field of impact investment and social enterprise management. FMS instructors are active practitioners in the impact space and work with leading organizations including Omidyar Network, Accion Venture Lab, Village Capital, Pi Investments, and Colorado Capital. Through the combination of lectures and actionable co-creative projects, participants gain a comprehensive understanding of the ecosystem and frame-work for market-based solutions. Training curriculum topics include:

  • Scaling High-Impact Social Enterprises
  • Designing Innovative Business Models
  • Diligence Process and Decision in Impact Investment
  • Social Impact Measurement 
  • Fund Management in Impact Investing


Job Requirements

FMS is building a community of pragmatic idealists with a diversity of backgrounds, professional experiences, skill-sets and perspectives – we have more than 300 amazing alums and counting! If you believe that enterprise and market development is key vehicle for driving large scale and sustainable improvement of living standards in capital-weak regions of the world, we would love to hear from you! The ideal Frontier Market Scout has a solid background in business and/or management, and a superb aptitude for immersive learning in dramatically different environments.  Applicants should have completed a Master’s degree or its equivalence, although highly qualified undergraduate applicants may also be considered. 

Meet FMS Fellow Alberto Rodriguez who is now working as a Portfolio Manager with African Entrepreneur Collective in Kigali, Rwanda: https://vimeo.com/168737382

*A limited number of merit and need-based training scholarships are available. 

*Fellows receive a minimum $250 USD monthly stipend during their field assignment. Additional funding to offset travel, training, and living costs may be available. Please note: stipends can vary depending on placement location.

Dates - January 9-20th, 2017


How to Apply

Candidates can apply online at http://go.miis.edu/fmsapp.

If you have additional questions, please email fms@miis.edu or call Erina McWilliam-Lopez at (831) 647-4645.

For more information, visit go.miis.edu/fms. Read our blog at blogs.miis.edu/frontier/. Follow us on Twitter @FMScouts and on Facebook at facebook.com/frontiermarketscouts.



Candidates interested in winter 2017 training and fellowships should apply by September 30, 2016 (early admission review and priority tuition discount consideration).