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Welcome to Charged Affairs - YPFP’s new platform to explore the intersection of young professionals, leadership, and the future of foreign policy.

Every day, somewhere in the world, YPFP members are meeting face-to-face to tackle the world’s critical global challenges. Through our speaker seriesLeadership Incubator modulespublic servicecareer workshopsdiscussion groups, and relationship-building events, YPFPers work together to form deep professional relationships that will last a lifetime.

Charged Affairs gives our members - and the broader global affairs community - a new online platform for engagement and collaboration. Anyone in the YPFP community can contribute their original work.

Our generation lives in an era of transformative global change.  Across the world, new global challenges - and opportunities - are emerging at an unprecedented scale, scope, and speed.  Novel and shifting linkages connect issues in surprising ways that no single entity, organization, country, or approach can master. Our world may not be more dangerous than it used to be (or maybe it is!), but it seems more complex and harder to navigate than ever before.

This is the world YPFPers are inheriting. This is the world that drives YPFP to explore new approaches to foreign policy and international relations. Everything our organization does is designed to provide our members the knowledge, skills, exposure, and relationships to succeed as global leaders in the decades to come. We are building a worldwide community of professionals who will call on each other over the course of their careers.

The name “Charged Affairs” aims to relay the urgency and importance YPFP places on fostering the next generation of foreign policy leaders. Young people must start leading now. There is no time to wait. The name also conveys our belief that international affairs are often more volatile, in more flux, and more difficult to control than the past.

Charged Affairs is a window into how young people are rising to leadership, what they believe about solving critical global challenges, and why YPFP has created a global community of future foreign policy leaders who are ready for the future.

Our generation is accustomed to interdependence and complexity. Our formative experiences have led us to understand the need to deliver new approaches to foreign policy based on relationships that cut across sectors, cultures, and countries; strategies that are the outcome of innovative thinking and an entrepreneurial spirit; and policies that emerge from sustained collaboration. Young people the world over must surround themselves with the brightest leaders from all sectors who share a common passion for delivering creative, dynamic approaches to solving the critical global challenges of an interdependent world.


I look forward to your readership and submissions. I also encourage you to comment and engage in discussion with YPFPers all over the world on each post. If you would like to join the conversation and are not yet a YPFP member, I invite you to apply for membership today.


The opinions expressed in this article are the author's own and do not reflect the views of their employer or Young Professionals in Foreign Policy.

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