07APR - Data Analyst, Polaris - Deadline: N/A

Organization Description

Polaris knows that human trafficking is a complex business and in order to end it, we need tools to understand the scope, size, and systems of modern slavery. We cannot effectively eradicate an industry that generates $150 billion in profits and victimizes some 21 million people if we don’t fully comprehend the trafficking networks that are leading people into forced labor or commercial sex against their will. We’re building the most accurate maps possible of human trafficking networks, using publicly available information and insights learned from hotlines. We look beyond seemingly isolated incidents and reveal nationwide patterns that lead us to the top of the human trafficking pyramid.  Using this information, Polaris then designs campaigns to disrupt human trafficking networks. Attacking these networks at their core gives more survivors the chance to reach the help they want and need, and prevents vulnerable people from becoming victims of modern slavery. With the right tools, we can root out and eradicate modern slavery to create a world where all people are free.

Location - Washington DC

Job Description

The Data Analysis Program has the exciting task of utilizing data to inform and direct our approach to the fight against human trafficking with the ultimate end-goal of eradicating the crime of modern day slavery.

The Analyst will use qualitative and quantitative methods to analyze diverse data sets and create actionable recommendations that inform eradication strategies. A successful candidate will be a creative and critical thinker who approaches data with a strategic lens. The Analyst will play a key role in driving and supporting diverse data collection and analysis projects with a particular focus on labor trafficking.

Job Responsibilities

  • Utilize a variety of quantitative and qualitative methods to analyze diverse data sets, such as network analysis, systems analysis, geospatial modeling, narrative analysis, and survey analysis;
  • Identify relevant open data sets to strategically augment internal data and conduct internet research on targeted topics;
  • Build data partnerships;
  • Identify anti-trafficking intervention points using a systems perspective (non-mathematical);
  • Use data to identify actionable recommendations, that will be used to develop anti-trafficking intervention and prevention efforts on both the micro- and macro-level focused on eradication;
  • Assist in managing, developing, and refining data collection tools and systems;
  • Write internal and external memos and reports for non-technical audiences explaining research findings and recommendations clearly and concisely;
  • Assist in data review and clean-up as needed; and
  • Assist with other duties related to the work of the team as needed.

Job Requirements

Required Qualifications

  • Minimum five years of academic and/or professional experience in data analytics, intelligence analysis, network analysis, geospatial analysis, financial analysis, social science research, or other analysis-related fields (e.g. Bachelor’s or Masters in Intelligence Studies, Data Analysis, Data Science, or equivalent);
  • Demonstrated proficiency in open-source data research;
  • Demonstrated bilingual English-Spanish language proficiency;
  • Comfort with a range of data analysis and visualization tools, such as Excel, MySQL, Python, Paxata, Palantir, Tableau;
  • Strong proficiency and comfort working with new and diverse technologies;
  • Demonstrated proficiency in conveying complex, technical ideas to a general audience through writing;
  • Demonstrated commitment to innovation and creative problem-solving;
  • Detail-oriented with strong organizational skills;
  • Ownership and initiative, natural self-starter; ability to fully own large areas of responsibility;
  • Comfort and flexibility in working in a fast-paced environment with multiple priorities; and
  • Excellent interpersonal skills with a strong focus on direct and open communication and provision of regular feedback.


  • Survivors of human trafficking encouraged to apply;
  • Subject to a criminal background check;
  • Subject to a probationary term contingent on training performance; and
  • Request for three professional and/or personal references.

How to Apply

Apply at https://polarisproject.org/data-analyst

Deadline – N/A