03AUG - Program Manager, AIR - Deadline: N/A

Organization Description

The Assessment Program at the American Institutes for Research (AIR) is a well regarded organization that is growing rapidly. We focus on providing our clients with customized assessments that not only measure student achievement against state standards, but also provide meaningful score reports that can help students, parents, and educators address any areas of student weakness. Our environment is fast-paced and requires people at all levels who are willing to roll up their sleeves to get the work done on time while maintaining high quality.

Location – Washington DC

Job Description

The Program Manager will assist with managing all aspects of state testing projects. They must be able to work collaboratively in a fast paced environment; anticipate problems and come up with creative methods of solving them; develop strong, positive, constructive relationships with clients; coordinate among the various functional teams; and make sure that quality control procedures are adhered to in order to produce high quality assessments within deadline and budget. They must be able to work in an environment where project requirements often change and evolve, and must be comfortable seeking out information and advice, when necessary. They must be able to conceptualize how all the parts of a complex project fit together and what a change to one part will mean for the other parts. Successful candidates will create a proactive culture in which the efficient creation of high quality products is second nature.

Job Responsibilities

• Working with internal staff and subcontractors to develop processes, procedures, and schedules for meeting project deliverables and client needs.
• Working with state clients to ensure that all plans and schedules are viable, that the state understands their roles and deadlines, and that clear lines of communication are established.
• Developing meeting agendas, chairing meetings, and documenting decisions.
• Ensuring that a master schedule is developed and maintained of deadlines and deliverables and making sure that all project staff are aware of the parts of the master schedule that affect them, and are aware of all changes that are made to the schedule.
• Providing information, support, direction, and problem-solving to the clients, as needed, in a manner that provides positive solutions, and if needed, adjusts current processes to improve the delivery, coordination, or quality of the product.
• Managing changes of scope so that all necessary changes to contracts, budgets, and activities, and schedules are in place.
• Making sure that other members of the project team are aware of any changes to the project scope.
• Coordinating among the senior staff members who manage the various project teams (software development, item development, technical, reporting, etc.) and making sure that each team receives what it needs from the other teams.
• Keeping AIR senior management informed of any potential project problems, including issues with a client or another stakeholder and any potential for missed deadlines or budget over-runs.
• Managing subcontractors.
• Monitoring budgets.

Job Requirements

• Minimum education: Masters degree or equivalent.
• Minimum of 4 years of progressively increasing responsibility managing tasks and projects in a fast-paced environment.
• Prior experience using MS Project.
• Experience working in large-scale assessment or a related field, such as publishing or large-scale surveys.
• Experience working with clients.

How to Apply

Potential applicants should send a one page PDF resume and a brief bio about themselves to msteele@air.org 

Deadline – N/A