02APR - Senior Policy Adviser - UK Mission to the UN - Deadline: 16APR


Organization Description
The United Kingdom Mission to the United Nations in New York covers a wide range of the Foreign and Commonwealth Office's objectives from the peaceful settlements of disputes to protecting the environment, from respect for human rights to promoting sustainable development.

The UK Mission, with support from other Government Departments, represents the UK in every negotiation that takes place in New York, ensuring that Britain’s interests and views are taken into account by UN Bodies and the other member states. The UK, as one of the five Permanent Members of the Security Council, plays a key role in all aspects of the Council’s work, providing information from the UK’s diplomatic network, negotiating, and lobbying for appropriate actions and resolutions. The Ambassador and his team engage in a constant round of meetings, promoting British interests and persuading others to accept the UK’s views.

The UK Mission also works to improve the way the UN works. It plays an important part in efforts to reform the Security Council, improve the UN’s finances and strengthen the UN’s capacity to deal with economic and social issues, peacekeeping and conflict prevention. The UK has been at the forefront of efforts to develop practical proposals for reform. The UK Mission works with the UN Secretary-General to promote reforms and ensure that the UN is a leaner, more effective organisation – one that will meet the challenges of the twenty-first century.

Job Description
An exciting opportunity has arisen to work in the Political Section of the UK Mission to the UN. The successful candidate will help develop and deliver UK policies to improve UN peacekeeping and lead on a range of other high-profile issues on the agenda of the Security Council and the General Assembly.

Location – New York, NY

Job Responsibilities

  • Senior policy adviser on strategic UN peacekeeping issues, including how to make peacekeeping missions more effective, with more and better capabilities to deal with the challenges of modern peacekeeping. This involves leading, and representing the UK, on the Special Committee on Peacekeeping Operations and the Security Council Working Group on Peacekeeping.
  • Lead on some African peacekeeping missions in the Security Council, working with relevant parts of the UN and other Member States. Liaise closely with colleagues in London and African posts to negotiate Security Council products which deliver UK objectives.
  • UK Mission lead on efforts to eradicate instances of sexual abuse and exploitation by UN peacekeepers, working closely with the UN Secretariat and Member States.
  • Lead on UN work to protect children affected by armed conflict and end the recruitment and use of child soldiers.
  • Prepare briefing for the UK Permanent Representative on Security Council and other high-level meetings and events. Provide accurate and timely reporting which helps inform UK policy-making.
  • The postholder will need to work in a fast-paced and changing environment and be willing to support other team members and priorities as needed.

Job Requirements

  • A graduate or post-graduate degree and/or three years of relevant work experience.
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills.
  • Resilient, able to respond flexibly to rapidly changing circumstances, and complete multiple tasks by set deadlines working with a high degree of autonomy.

   Desirable qualifications and experience 

  • An understanding of the UN system and an awareness of the challenges and sensitivities of working with other UN Member States.
  • Knowledge of the UK Government and the UK Foreign Office.
  • Experience of international relations or similar policy work.
  • Knowledge of French.

Under US State Department requirements, the Embassy may only employ, as non-diplomatic staff, persons who are US citizens, US Green Card holders or A or NATO visa holders with EAD cards*. If you hold a visa other than an A or NATO visa you are not currently eligible to work at the Embassy.  Please refer to our website for information on exceptions to this policy at www.gov.uk/government/world/usa.  All candidates will be subject to background checks and security clearance.

Applications will only be accepted from nationals from Australia, Canada, New Zealand, the UK or US.

How to Apply
Please apply online: https://fco.tal.net/vx/lang-en-GB/mobile-0/appcentre-1/brand-2/user-891376/xf-9ea87bed9eda/candidate/so/pm/4/pl/1/opp/2896-Senior-Policy-Adviser/en-GB.

Deadline – April 16, 2017