01MAY - Director/Regional Analyst Europe - FTI Consulting - Deadline: N/A



Organization Description
FTI Consulting is a global business advisory firm dedicated to helping organizations protect and enhance their enterprise value. For over 25 years, FTI has brought insight and expertise to deliver successful resolution to the most challenging financial, litigation, and business-critical issues. FTI Consulting is a leading global firm that organizations rely on for advice and solutions in the areas of corporate finance and restructuring, disputes and investigations, economic consulting, e-discovery software and services, reputation management, and transaction advisory when confronting the critical issues that shape their futures. We are involved in high-stakes, fast-paced projects from around the world. Our workforce of more than 3,800 employees includes numerous PhDs, MBAs, CPAs, CFEs, JDs, and technologists with expertise across a broad range of industries including financial services, retail, healthcare, energy, media, and communications. If you are interested in becoming part of a fast growing company and helping shape its future, read on.

Location – New York, NY

Job Description
We are currently looking for directors to join our growing Forensic and Litigation Consulting practice in New York City. The position is with our Geopolitical Intelligence team where the director will serve as a regional analyst for Europe (which may include some Middle East coverage). The individual will provide timely and actionable political analysis to FTI’s clients. Provision of that analysis will require the individual to prepare and present his or her own analysis, and to engage with FTI employees worldwide as well as serve as an intermediary between them and FTI’s clients. The individual will possess expertise in European politics, the ability to write insightful analysis, and the ability to curate analysis written by colleagues and convey the work product to FTI’s clients.

The regional analyst will engage as the main point-of-contact with a range of financial institutions, multinational corporations and law firms to provide timely and actionable analysis on regional political developments and their implications for the investment and commercial activities of FTI’s clients. The position will require gathering and analyzing critical information and coordinating and conducting analysis to support clients seeking to make informed decisions, maximize opportunities and minimize risks associated with portfolio investment, foreign direct investment, mergers/acquisitions, and business strategy development. 

Job Responsibilities
Primary duties of the regional analyst include responsibility for collecting, preparing, organizing and curating regional content for FTI’s Geopolitical Intelligence products. The individual will conduct research that enables the delivery of timely and actionable analysis to support the critical decision-making of corporate and financial markets clients. It requires the ability to anticipate client needs and continuously improve the speed, accuracy and relevance of our industry-leading risk research. This will also include developing tailored market entry strategies to manage political risk exposure in sectors such as energy, mining, telecommunications, utilities, manufacturing and retail.

A high priority for this role will be to strengthen client relationships and build the firm's reputation by ensuring the timely delivery of a political risk edge to FTI’s clients. Research and analysis, as well as preparation and presentation, will occur in a fast-paced, deadline-sensitive environment.  Analysis must be delivered accurately and concisely in written reports for a sophisticated client base consisting of top-tier financial institutions, corporations and law firms. 

Job Requirements

  • Master’s degree in political science, international affairs, economics or a related field
  • Subject matter expertise on the politics of Europe
  • Experience assigning work to staff and subcontractors, negotiating budgets and deadlines
  • Minimum 3-4 years’ experience conducting research on Europe at a think tank, political risk firm or similar organization
  • Fluency in German, French, Russian or other major European languages, travel and living experience in Europe.
  • Research and analytical skills: the ability to identify political signposts and triggers, distinguish political signal from noise, and make informed, logical assessments
  • Writing skills: the ability to draft accurate, concise analyses of political situations (a writing sample will be required during the application process)
  • Presentation skills: the ability to provide concise and informative briefings of complex situations
  • Resourcefulness: the ability to develop creative solutions to challenging research problems
  • Experience with client management and new business development
  • Familiarity with financial and business nomenclature and the ability to understand complex commercial transactions
  • Experience in financial analysis and the use of spreadsheets is a plus.

How to Apply
Please apply online at http://chp.tbe.taleo.net/chp02/ats/careers/requisition.jsp?org=FTICONSULTING&cws=1&rid=6315. Please include a cover letter with your application that highlights your primary qualifications for the Director - regional analyst position.

Deadline – N/A